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  • Why So Serious About Millennials?

    Millennials are influencers. They are generally highly educated and employed; with one-third of them living with parents, their opinions have behavioural impact on the other consumer segments…

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  • Customer Journey Maps Available from Datarati

    Pre-built customer journeys are here at Datarati, with journeys at each stage of the marketing lifecycle: acquisition, onboarding, engagement, retention,…

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  • How Digital Marketing is Like a Game of Chess

    A game of chess is in many ways like a digital marketing strategic campaign. Find out how the same principles…

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  • Marketing Lifecycle Stages By DATARATI

    Marketing Lifecycle Stages: The Importance of Nurturing Your Employees Through Them

    It is crucial to have a bullet-proof employee nurturing strategy to ensure your business can grow through acquiring, onboarding, engaging…

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  • Innovative Ideas for Effective Lead Scoring Strategy

    Effective lead scoring strategy can be vital to a business’s growth in leads and sales. It can define a lead’s…

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