Services and Products

Our Marketing Automation Services

We provide best practice lifecycle marketing automation services.

These services include marketing automation strategy, technical implementation and campaign execution to companies wide range of Australian and Asia-Pacific companies in all stages of their marketing automation journey.

Marketing Automation Strategy Services

Datarati Dimensions™ lifecycle marketing automation transformation workshops.

Marketing Automation Technology Services

Marketing Automation Technology Implementation & CRM Integration.

Campaign Services Creative Design Building Testing Executing and Reporting

Digital Marketing Campaign Services

Creative design, building, testing executing and reporting.

Customer Journey Training

A 3 hour customer journey training that includes a current state analysis of the business to define the customer experience vision, and future state recommendations across the marketing lifecycle stages.

Fast Salesforce Implementations

We’ll equip you with the essentials to have you up and running with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform in just 2 weeks from signing. With FLASH, we can also accelerate your Salesforce Advertising Studio setup in 24 hours.

Customer Journey Map Templates

Improve and streamline your customer journey with pre-built customer journey map templates for each stage of your customer lifecycle; acquiring, onboarding, engaging, retaining, and winning back customers.

Our Products

We have produced a suite of complementary marketing automation technology products across tracking, analytics, promotions, and conversions to help you run successful campaigns and utilise your marketing automation technology to its fullest potential.

Capability Accelerator

Do you want to optimise how you use Salesforce Marketing Cloud and rapidly add value to your business?  Our Capability Accelerator is designed to help you deliver a better customer experience at every stage of their journey.


Datarati Health Check

Have you been using a limited amount of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud capability and finding it difficult to scale? We will provide a review of your current ecosystem and approach, and create a roadmap to drive your business forward.


Seasonal Activity


WHY: Sending out a campaign email to your customers with an offer for 20% off a product is a great way to get rid of old stock quickly, but when the stocks run out and the discount is no longer valid creates a poor customer experience. In addition, sending out a campaign email with the wrong offer or product image associated to that offer also creates a poor customer experience.

HOW: Snatch is an automated scripting tag that allows a marketer to have full control over the content within an email after it has been sent out to your prospects and customers. Snatch can operate standalone or be fully integrated with Sales & Service Clouds.

WHY: Setting up and replicating an event is time consuming and costly. Invitations, Reminders, Confirmations, Sorry We Missed You. Thank You for Attending messages all take time to design, code, set-up, implement, test and execute.

HOW: Invitz is an automated event management tool that provides marketers with out of the box templates, event campaign logic and reporting capabilities standalone or be fully integrated with Sales & Service Clouds.

WHY: Proving the actual content of an email that a customer receives can often be difficult for a marketer, particularly when offers are dynamic to many different types of customers.

HOW: Stash is an automated email archiving tool that provides marketers with a storage & compliance solution for every email that is ever sent to a customer.

WHY: Customer Scoring is a powerful way to understand the level of engagement (positive or negative) of your prospects and customers.

HOW: Score Board is an automated scoring model for prospects and customers based on their lifecycle stage. This allows marketers to segment their prospects and customers within a specific lifecycle stage and automate a campaign or journey off the back of a score change. Score board can operate standalone or be fully integrated with Sales & Service Clouds.

WHY: Building customer journeys can be very long and linear in nature and can often get quite complicated based on the number of decision trees and sets of business logic.

HOW: Teleport is an automated piece of campaign logic which can break down one long and linear based journey into multiple journeys that are connected to each other. This allows marketers to understand where and when customers are disengaging within the customer lifecycle.

WHY: Engaging with customers when they are on your website is a tried and proven tactic for delivering an engaging customer experience.

HOW: Blink is an automated web browser pop up that is used by marketers to convert anonymous website visitors into know visitors. Blink can be triggered based on explicit data e.g. if it’s a prospect or customer or implicit data e.g. 3rd time back to the website this week. Blink can operate standalone or be fully integrated with Marketing, Sales & Service Clouds.

WHY: Understanding when and where a customer is within a journey is critical to understanding how to next best communicate with them and with what particular message.

HOW: Stop Watch is an automated time stamp tool that allows a marketer to automate the next best conversation based on when a customer reaches a certain stage of the customer lifecycle. Stop Watch can operate standalone or be fully integrated with Marketing, Sales & Service Clouds.

WHY: Fighting for your customer’s attention has never been more challenging. As a result, ensuring your campaigns and customer journeys are targeted, relevant, anticipated and personalised is critical to gaining cut through and engagement with your customers.

HOW: Umbrella uses local weather data to dynamically update the weather forecast dynamically within an email based on a customer’s actual current location. Umbrella can operate standalone or be fully integrated with Marketing Cloud.

WHY: Using receipts to track cash backs and rebates can often prove difficult for marketers as fraud can play a major role and limit the success of the campaign with customers using fake or non-valid receipts to make the claims.

HOW: Receipto is an automated machine learning & artificial intelligence algorithm that reads a paper receipt and validates its authenticity. Receipto can operate standalone or be fully integrated with Marketing, Sales & Service Clouds.

WHY: Sending Email attachments within a campaign is not typically a best practice, however due to compliance regulations is often a requirement for many marketers.

HOW: Paper Klip is an automated email attachment tool that allows marketers to automatically render and attached files to a triggered email. Paper Klip can be fully integrated with Marketing, Sales & Service Clouds.