The Datarati & Salesforce Graduate Bootcamp

It’s been over a year since I started my journey with Datarati & Salesforce as an eager-eyed graduate. In that time, I’ve had the pleasure of working with and learning from so many extremely smart & talented individuals, while exploring the latest & greatest Martech solutions to help transform the customer experience (CX) of some of the biggest brands in Australia.

A bit about me:

I’m an Account Coordinator at Datarati with a background in marketing and psychology. I was lucky enough to be part of the very first cohort to go through this program and be offered a role directly with Datarati.

My experience working in various frontline roles has fostered a passion for CX, so it was an amazing opportunity to join the CX team. In this role, I’m continually developing my technical, delivery, management & strategic skills and now manage a range of my own projects.

When I’m not busy skilling up on Trailhead, I’m an avid gamer and dessert connoisseur. I’m also currently fascinated on the use of gamification to drive engagement.

A bit about Datarati:

Datarati is Asia-Pacific’s largest independent Customer Journey & Experience agency specialising in automating 1:1 customer-first marketing powered by Salesforce.

Personally, I was instantly drawn to the unique & fun culture at Datarati. As as graduate. I was relieved to find a culture that really emphasised learning and development. This extends from Datarati to the wider Salesforce community, who have been exceptionally supportive. Both cultures have one thing in common, it feels like family (or as Salesforce emphasise “Ohana”).

Coolest part of the job?

The best thing about my role, Datarati, and the work we do is being able to interact with the heads of some of the biggest brands in Australia and see the wider impact of our work on their customer’s experience at scale.

On another note, we also went on a company (Covid-19 free) cruise to close off 2019! This was definitely the coolest off-site I’ve experienced (thus far 😜).

What about the Graduate Program?

To me, the graduate program was more valuable than some stand alone subjects taught during my Masters due to it’s practical value. It goes beyond the theories and educates students on what’s happening in the industry right now. It was also really awesome having the Co-Founder and Chairmen, Will Scully Power, and General Manager, Michael Joo leading the boot camp.

The program itself is an amazing collaboration between Datarati and Salesforce, which provides hands-on experience on the tool (Salesforce Marketing Cloud) and the strategic knowledge to utilise the tool to it’s full potential. The understanding of the technical aspects of Salesforce Marketing Cloud and the Datarati consulting methodology to drive successful digital transformation empowers all students lucky enough to attend, making them job ready in a market with a growing need. Some of these students will also get the opportunity to interview for roles at Datarati and with our customers!

It’s a win-win for all interested parties, the universities get a great opportunity to connect students with the industry, students get connected to job-ready training and opportunities for roles with Datarati and our customers, Salesforce get more (needed) resources into the market, and Datarati and our customers get access to top talent from various degrees and universities across Australia. I have no doubt this will be something other companies begin to adopt as they aim to capture talent and increase the resources available to service their platforms.

Advice for future cohorts?

These are a few pointers to ensure you get the most out of the program:

  • Speak up and ensure you don’t get left behind as the boot camp goes through a lot of information delivered quickly.
  • Be curious and ask questions to ensure you understand the breadth of the product and other Salesforce products.
  • Be creative and think about the capabilities for the functions and products you learn about. Put yourself in the shoes of the end customer and think about the ideal experience at every step.
  • Salesforce is a beast of an eco-system, find a niche of interest to specialise in.
  • Be proactive!
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