Datarati launches 10 new customer experience products

New product range leverages 8 years of customer data, insights and campaign results to aid marketers with digital transformation

Today we announce the launch of 10 new products to aid marketers in delivering exceptional customer experiences and journeys.

We have focused on building and launching real products that solve real problems for today’s marketers going through digital transformation. Marketing Automation & CRM integration is not easy and requires easier solutions that are faster and more cost efficient to implement.

1.) Snatch – Snatch is an automated scripting tag that allows a marketer to have full control over the content within an email after it has been sent out to your prospects and customers.

2.) Invitz – Invitz is an automated event management tool that provides marketers with out of the box templates, event campaign logic and reporting capabilities.

3.) Stash – Stash is an automated email archiving tool that provides marketers with a storage & compliance solution for every email that is ever sent to a customer.

4.) Scoreboard – Scoreboard is an automated scoring model for prospects and customers based on their lifecycle stage. This allows marketers to segment their prospects and customers within a specific lifecycle stage and automate a campaign or journey off the back of a score change.

5.) Teleport – Teleport is an automated piece of campaign logic which can break down one long and linear based journey into multiple journeys that are connected to each other. This allows marketers to understand where and when customers are disengaging within the customer lifecycle.

6.) Blink – Blink is an automated web browser pop up which is used by marketers to convert anonymous website visitors into known visitors. Blink can be triggered based on explicit data (e.g. if it’s a prospect or customer) or implicit data (e.g. 3rd time back to the website this week).

7.) Stop Watch – Stop Watch is an automated time stamp tool that allows a marketer to automate the next best conversation based on when a customer reaches a certain stage of the customer lifecycle.

8.) Umbrella – Umbrella uses local weather data to dynamically update the weather forecast dynamically within an email based on a customer’s actual current location.

9.) Receipto – Recipto is an automated machine learning & artificial intelligence algorithm that reads a paper receipt and validates its authenticity.

10.) Paper Klip – Paper Klip is an automated email attachment tool that allows marketers to automatically render and attach files to a triggered email.

Full product information can be found here:

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