Datarati is an employee centric company that was founded on a set of core values which shape our vision, align our team culture and reflect our shared beliefs.

We believe in using data to predict what a customer is likely to do next and then using automation to deliver a personalised customer experience.
These are the six core values from which the agency was founded. It is these core values by which we hold ourselves, our customers and our partners accountable to.
Our mission is to help you get from the bottom left to the top right quadrant in the fastest and most cost effective way.

Our Values

Dream Big

Establish inspirational goals and strive for constant progress.


Generate proactive ideas which solve problems and add value.


Empower oneself to develop new skills and grow your capabilities.


Express empathy and care to every family member at all times.


Display open, clear and concise communications on every channel.


Always do what's right, regardless of the short, medium or long term impact.

Why Datarati?

Member of the Global Salesforce Marketing Cloud Advisory Board

Datarati is one of only 12 companies in the world selected to sit on the global Salesforce partner advisory board. The board is made up of the top MarTech industry leaders within the Salesforce ecosystem and represents a unique opportunity to influence Salesforce’s direction in the marketplace and to voice ideas, concerns, and opportunities that we feel would contribute to customer and partnership success.

Our People

A dedicated team of passionate and certified industry specialists

Datarati is a collection of marketing and technology experts that has led Salesforce Transformations on customer side, agency side, and also at Salesforce.

Our Approach

We understand you are looking for a trusted advisor and a partner that can assist you in better understanding and defining current data and technology to achieve optimal communication and engagement with customers to drive revenue.
To do this, we design a tailor-made Digital Marketing Strategy and Roadmap that is aligned to your Customer Experience Vision and directly related to key Business and Marketing success metrics.
Many of our customers face challenges with the current technologies both from a capability and vendor relationship perspective. To maximise your technology investments and maximise efficiencies, we understand that you are looking for a partner that will provide end-to-end technical capability and management across a suite of technologies to reduce the technical reliance when it comes to Marketing.
We also understand that Technology is moving fast and you require a team that is always ahead with the latest trends, upgrades, features, and functionalities to advise on new opportunities.
We know how important it is for a partner to seamlessly embed into your team and have a dedicated team of top CRM & Marketing Strategists and Specialists who will be with you through the entire journey.
We also understand that you have faced challenges in having full visibility of your campaign performance, which ultimately affects the ability to make quick data-driven decisions and therefore create the best customer experiences.
Business priorities change quite often and to adapt to new directions you need a flexible but also scalable operating model to minimise impact to business but also maximise efficiencies.
With our flexible engagement model, we are able to scale up or down at speed to support every step of the way as your business grows. In addition to providing best-in-class training and enablement programs, we are also able to advise, manage, and assist internal operational tasks whilst you build capability and capacity.

Meet our leadership team

Will Scully-Power


Michael Joo

General Manager

Adam Sam

Head of CX & Delivery

Cameron Robert

Head of Technology

Our team structure

Project Management Team

The Delivery Team are facilitators driven by process. We enable the project team to deliver high-quality solutions on time and on budget. Our focus is to empower the team through a structured framework built on best practice.

Customer Experience Team

The CX team is focused on helping our customers with their digital transformation success. Focused on industry leading customer experience and customer lifecycle strategy, to drive not just a return on the digital transformation spend, but also to drive a great marketing ROI.

Technology Team

The Technology Team is at the forefront of the entire technology landscape specifically in relation to Salesforce. This collaborative team works closely with the Customer Experience Team to uncover real business problems faced by customers and develops solutions and processes to not only overcome these obstacles, but deliver phenomenal digital transformation.

New Business & Sales

The New Business Team plays a crucial role in setting organisations up for success as they onboard into the Datarati Family for the first time. This team works closely with customers to understand the business objectives and desired outcomes before a thorough assessment of the current state. From here this team designs a clear path to success aligned with the Technology stack required to achieve the business goals.

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