Technology is the key to scaling better customer experiences

Technology is the key to scaling better customer experiences
July 19, 2017 Sandy Sara

In the first two posts Jarther Taylor, CEO of Datarati, shared insights on how to respond to disruption and how to become customer centric. In this post, he explores the how the technology can support the automative industry’s transformation and scale customer experiences. Jarther draws from a panel discussion on the Future of the Automotive Industry with leaders from technology and vehicle industries, co-hosted by Datarati and Saasfocus.

Every executive we meet agrees that putting the customer at the centre of business processes is essential – and too often investment in new technology is made before the customer strategy is defined.

Bringing the responsibility for the customer together at an executive level helps drive the organisational change.  This person can then also own the customer data, ensuring it benefits all business functions.

Platforms like drive this change by unifying data and helping democratise access to it. The technology helps overcome the data challenges most businesses face by improving:

  1. Availability
  2. Quality
  3. Accessibility

Data is often in different systems, managed by different departments or even on different C-Drives, so bringing it all together—let alone getting marketing automation right – is not just a technological challenge, it’s also an organisational one.

The industry leaders we spoke with insisted that if you want to better serve customers, ensure you have a platform to deeply engage with customers across marketing, sales and service messages. You’ll also need to manage the leads well across all business areas.

Stefanie and Andrew agreed rapid response is essential when a customer is ready to engage, adding that doing this at scale requires an integrated customer engagement platform.

All of this sounds like a lot of work before you see any benefit. But there are quick wins. For example, you don’t need to worry (too much) about the data or the integration to build a welcome customer experience journey. These are new customers, so their data will be captured in your new platform! It’s a similar situation for acquisition. For existing customers, booking and managing vehicle service at scale can have a quick impact on revenue and provide the win for further investment.

Key insights:

  • Don’t forget that data is fundamental to customer experience marketing. Aim to make it available, easily accessible
    and of high quality.
  • Engage your executive stakeholders to drive customer centricity
  • Invest in a platform like to breakdown silos in your business and manage marketing automation
  • Get the basics of customer journey data right, focus on the cool stuff later.

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