Datarati Launches Snatch The Best Tool To Recall Sent Email

Datarati Launches Snatch The Best Tool To Recall Sent Email
February 7, 2017 Jarther Taylor

Snatch the tool to recall sent email

How many times have you sent out an email campaign only to say… S@#$ where is the recall button? You just sent out the wrong offer to the wrong customer and need to recall the sent email. What is the cost impact to your business? What is the negative impact to your brand? How do you stop this type of thing from happening?

Let’s assume you sent out a campaign email to your customers with an offer for 20% off a product in an effort to get rid of old stock quickly, but when the stocks run out and the discount is no longer valid you have unfortunately created a poor customer experience. In addition, sending out a campaign email with the wrong offer or product image associated with that offer also creates a poor customer experience.

Introducing Snatch from Datarati, an automated email scripting tag that allows a digital marketer to have full control over the retrieving or snatching back of dynamic content within an email after the email has already been sent and delivered to a consumer’s inbox. Think of it as automated recalling of dynamic content within an email after it has been sent out and delivered.

In a recent example, we sent out a press release to B&T magazine announcing the appointment of our new CEO, Jarther Taylor. They accidentally missed the embargo we had on it. As a result, the story appeared in their newsletter. Unfortunately, once sent the story was out. Snatch could have solved this problem.


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