Are companies digitally transforming or just adapting to their digital landscape?

Are companies digitally transforming or just adapting to their digital landscape?
October 27, 2016 Craig Morey

When we think of digital transformation we think of a company being set up on social platforms, having digital-first customer portals, and even identifying and connecting with their future customers. It really is more of a whole business change than just adding to a company resource pool. It involves networks and operations, human resources, finance, and so on.

What we are seeing the best brands do is thinking digital first. Not only do they build their digital footprint but they lead with this foot first. It’s so easy to recognise this shifting emphasis and ignore the impact this has on the rest of the business.

There seem to be two approaches that are taken – either there is a wide scale shift that a business takes, that, particularly for large businesses, takes a long time and a lot of resources, or there is an emphasis on creative agencies filling the gap and helping a business evolve without wide-scale change.

Obviously, the first approach forces a company and it’s people to evolve otherwise there is no real transformation. The second approach is a gentler approach and may not necessarily reach the whole organisation. It allows a company to retain it’s core without the level of disruption you would normally expect. I wonder if this is real transformation, or even if it is fragmented transformation, or maybe it is the safest way to grow without losing the essence of what has made the company successful. It looks less like digital transformation or more like adapting to a digital landscape. And that can make sense because a real need for transformation comes from new technology, changing consumer needs, and changing competition.

Once again there is no one size fits all. For me, I can’t wait to see the evolving marketplace and how industries and the companies within it take up the opportunity to be at the forefront of digital.