Social Media Made Easy With Automation

Social Media Made Easy With Automation
September 20, 2016 Mina Park

It seems everyone has a view on automation, with many being opposed to it saying that it’s gone too far but is the same true of digital marketing automation?

Marketing has evolved so much over the last few years. Once upon a time, people needed to do everything manually and during that time, the most common form of marketing was door knocking with flyers. Times have now changed and marketers have many more resources at their disposal. One of those resources is the ability to automate their digital marketing, and in particular, social media marketing.

Marketing automation makes the lives of marketers easier with the use of social media scheduling software so that marketers just use one log-in and can access all their social media accounts they are managing. This saves them considerable time in needing to log-in and log out of social media accounts. It also means they can conveniently track their social media posting activity.

Automation gives marketers more free time so they can focus on the parts of their job that are more important instead of wasting time on menial tasks. This means they can more effectively run marketing campaigns and carry out marketing activity without worrying if they’ve executed their social media scheduling because they can see it right in front of them. Automation makes social media posting easier with it all being in the one place.

Automation software saves people lost productivity as well. Instead of wading through pages and pages of tweets or status updates, digital marketers can now simply go into the automation software and view and send their posts. They won’t be distracted looking at new feeds because they have the option to completely ignore the newsfeed screens on each social media platform.

Another great advantage of automating your social media marketing is using social listening to track and respond to all online users who are reacting to and posting about your brand or a certain keyword relating to your business. This allows you to immediately react to these interactions and provide relevant and timely information.

Regular posting is essential for brands to build their followings and therefore potentially their sales and revenue. Automation products are user-friendly and can save marketing professionals time and money.

Social media publishing software is such one area where automation has proven to be productive and made life easier for marketing professionals.