The Importance of Investing in Staff Training to Deliver Digital Transformation & Customer Experience

The Importance of Investing in Staff Training to Deliver Digital Transformation & Customer Experience
June 15, 2016 Will Scully-Power

To all industry leaders in digital transformation, marketing automation & CRM:

Put simply: to deliver an awesome customer experience to your customers you need to train and then most importantly empower your staff!

Since the launch of our Data Scouts digital transformation course back in April this year we have had hundreds of enquiries from digital marketing executives across Australia who have written to us wanting to register for our course but have been unable due to one of the following reasons:

1.) No staff training budget

2.) Internal approval process to hard

No staff training budget? How is your team meant to learn and grow in their roles? I wonder if this was covered off in the interview process with new staff? We really want you to come and join us to help grow our business but we won’t invest in you, our biggest asset. Go figure.

Internal approval process to hard? Why is it so hard? Is your organisation making it difficult to apply for and receive funding for your requested training? If it falls into the ‘too hard’ basket for your staff, why wouldn’t they give the ‘too hard’ excuse for providing a good customer experience.

Enough is enough. It’s time for leaders in this industry to stand up and be leaders. Invest in your people. Invest in their ability to deliver an exceptional customer service.

For those digital marketers who are looking for ways to ‘justify’ the training investment to their managers, start with this.

Data Scouts Directions™ – 2 Day Skills Training Course – Request for Approval

Hi <First Name>,

I’m writing to ask for approval to attend the Data Scouts Directions™ two-day course being held on the XXX 2016 in XXXX.

Lifecycle marketing automation and CRM is critical to driving profitable revenue growth at XXXXX.

Data Scouts Directions™ is a proven marketing automation and CRM transformation consulting methodology which has been specifically designed to teach me how to map out the current state of our organisation’s marketing strategy, marketing technology landscape, marketing team operations and our lifecycle marketing campaigns.

This course is supported by the Association for Data-driven Marketing & Advertising (ADMA) and will teach me the core principles of how to transform our prospect and customer marketing campaigns for execution across the acquisition, on-boarding, engagement and retention stages of their customer journeys.

I believe that attending Data Scouts Directions™ would especially help me on these projects:

– [add project or initiative]

– [add project or initiative]

– [add project or initiative]

Here is an approximate breakdown of conference costs:

Transportation: $ xxx

Hotel: (2 nights at $350/day) (if applicable)

Meals: (2 days at $60/day)

Registration Fee: (AUD$3,000) ex. GST

Total: $ x,xxx

Based on this investment in training, I am forecasting a cost savings to the business of X and an ROI of Y.

As there are only 10 exclusive places in the XXXXX training course, I would like to register as soon as possible.

I’ll be sure to submit a post-course report that will include an executive summary, major takeaways, tips, and a set of recommendations to maximise the return on our investment.

I can also share all relevant information obtained with other staff and stakeholders within the company.

Thank you for considering this request. I look forward to your reply and approval.



Anyone could be a leader if there was no cost. True leaders willingly pay a price, to sacrifice self interest, to have the honor to lead. – Simon Sinek

Next courses: 18-19th July in Sydney and 25th-26th in Melbourne.

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Will Scully-Power
Executive Director
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