Expectation of a Personalised Customer Experience

Expectation of a Personalised Customer Experience
February 4, 2016 John Lane

Information is coming into your business everyday, information on what your customer wants, how they behave and information that can make you stand out in the clutter of mass market offers absorbed by a customer daily.

Always put yourself in the customer’s shoes and take yourself through the “know” process. What do we know about these customers receiving the communication and how should the communication change to reflect the business knowledge:

For example, If a customer receives a mass communication from an airline and thinks to themselves:

You know I just returned from overseas

You know I paid $899 for my flights

You know I travelled with my family because I purchased 5 tickets

And yet you still sent me an email wanting me to buy a flight on the day I got home to the country I came from, at a cheaper price!

With all this information on customers this can influence the way that you communicate or don’t communicate with them using a customer centric approach. As a marketer you need to take all that you knows and flip them around using information collated on the customer during their brand journey:

We know you just returned from overseas

We know you paid $899 for your flights

We know you travelled with your family because you purchased 5 tickets

So why not use this information to your advantage and craft an email for returning customers for cheap flights to a child friendly destination for the next school holidays. Send me an email to review my trip and provide feedback for my trip to encourage others to purchase. Provide content for family friendly destinations or reward loyal customers with family outings.

Customers are starting to become more attuned to mass marketing and as marketers we really need our offer to rise above and target your customer at the right time. With the ever growing access to data in the digital age, the expectation of a personalised journey is higher than ever before.