What’s in it for me? Benefits of a Customer Value Proposition

What’s in it for me? Benefits of a Customer Value Proposition
January 12, 2016 Sandy Sara

Digital Marketing today involves one primary transaction – data.

Customer Value Propositions are used commonly, albeit not successfully in today’s digital marketplace. Sadly, there are a lot of businesses that continue to deploy numerous campaigns asking for more and more information without giving anything in return and worst yet are not getting any valuable information themselves.

I’m not saying that you need to give a gift voucher for every campaign – because that would be foolish, but how about using your products or services to showcase to your customers and prospects.

What makes a good customer value proposition?

  • Using layman terms. You may be the experts in your field, however if you cannot relate then you will lose your audience on some or all levels of engagement.
  • It should be digestible information. People are time poor and you need to cater to this be brief but powerful content or copy.
  • It must communicate the results or true experiences from your service or product.

Let’s put this into practice, shall we?

ACME BANK wants to see if you are interested in signing up in a new interest rate account they’ve created for people between the ages of 18-30.

It’s fair to assume that a lot of people in this age group are working currently along with wanting various different things with their incomes.

As a marketer, I want to be able to acquire more people in my database – but I need to be able to give these “on-boarders” something in return for the information apart from potentially just setting up the account. I almost want to treat them like they are already valued customers.

I have a few opportunities I could utilise in my marketing efforts to give this value proposition a good run.

  • I can educate how much could be saved on average wages for this age group or in more defined segmentations.
  • I can also break down how interest in this account works and why it is different’s from others out there.
  • Finally next steps are important. I don’t want to just give them a look at what’s down the road but plant the seed about what could be around the corner as well for them. One step should prepare for the next and so forth.

The beauty of all of this, is that I can do this by various different ways:

  • Landing Pages
  • Live Chat on my website
  • EDMs
  • Direct Mail
  • Pop-ups
  • Social Media Re-targeting

Once I’ve decided on my tools of implementation I match it up with a simple form and you can even think about going one further with a personalised follow up email attached with a white paper with more information which starts there on boarding nurture experience.

Now all of this sounds easy, because it can be! Don’t limit yourself to sending out the same newsletters or single eDMs, think about how to acquire more and give more to your database.

C.R.M – The relationship is the most important thing here – give the people what they want, even when they don’t know what they want. If you don’t know what they want – just ask!


Until next time,