Top 3 New Year Resolutions for Marketers

Top 3 New Year Resolutions for Marketers
December 29, 2015 Sandy Sara

New Year’s Eve. The chance for one last indulgence before the calendar year begins again. Each year around 69% of Australians plan to make personal New Year Resolutions. And why wouldn’t they? The New Year milestone drives us to do more, be better and progress by shaping an improved version of ourselves through the act of resolution.

For the majority of Australians, returning to work in January earmarks the start of Q3. While Q3 is traditionally a time for businesses to refine strategies to meet EOFY commercial objectives, it’s also the opportune time to hit the ground running and put professional work resolutions in play.

Take some time out to evaluate your key areas of focus for 2016. You might just find your work and personal resolutions are one and the same! Here’s a few to get you started:

Improve Health
A company’s CRM is the lifeblood of any organisation and the quality of data is paramount to its success. Data audits often take a back seat to other marketing initiatives but poor data can have a monetary impact on any business. Take UPS for example, in 2013, UPS spent 1.5 billion dollars processing the 6.8 million pieces of undelivered mail in the US. That’s a substantial amount of outdated mailing addresses that need to be corrected.

Make sure your marketing messages are being delivered this year and establish a process with your Sales and Marketing team to flag invalid email addresses and obtain updated information to ensure your customers receive relevant offers at the right time. Review your widely used reporting data to ensure fields like Lead Source, Lead Owner and Acquisition Program are accurate to help optimise your marketing spend.

Save Money
Some Marketing Automation licenses are costed on subscriber volumes. Merging duplicate lead records reduces your total database volume to limit spend while providing your organisation with a single customer view.

It might seem like a paradox but spending money helps you save budget in the long run. Engaging a digital agency to create branded re-usable digital assets such as email templates and landing pages gives your business the tools required to implement effective digital campaigns, while adopting a seamless user experience from web to eDM.

Be Adventurous
Even the highest performing campaign can always be improved. Ensure you have established A/B tests to review campaign performance and experiment with multi-channel elements to gain actionable insights.

On average Australians spend up to 4.5 hours on their mobile every day , presenting a huge opportunity to engage with consumers through their channel of choice. A recent study has shown app engagement has increased by 171% in 2015 alone. While Push Notifications are no longer the new kid on the block, they are essential to get the most value from your app investment.

So while you’re signing up for PT sessions this New Year, spare a thought to the health of your CRM. Your body and your budget will thank you for it.

Tell us which Work Resolutions you’re putting in play for 2016 by leaving us a comment below!