Marketing Tech Symposium 2016: Insights & Learnings

Marketing Tech Symposium 2016: Insights & Learnings
November 17, 2016 Sandy Sara

I spent the last 3 days of the working week in the beautiful Hunter Valley at the Marketing Tech Symposium with a large group of the most intelligent and influential senior marketers, digital and data analytics professionals, and it is fair to say that I return feeling inspired!

Being in an open, relaxing and collaborative environment, there were many ideas and thoughts shared among the industry professionals. I’m going to part only a handful of the many key insights and learnings that I have taken away with me from the various international and local speakers.


The Transformative Effect of Data, The Power of Addressability and the Impact of Technology: David Fisher, Head of Digital – Sky Media (UK)


David shared the Sky experience and how they utilise different technology to drive marketing and advertising success. Through integrating multiple platforms and channels, Sky can gain valuable and deep customer data to target and address them with relevant content and ads, using the right channel at the right time.


  • Addressability is key in engaging and retaining customers to help drive ROI and create a personalised experience.
  • Integrating technology and multiple channels helps with having a holistic and single view of the customer.
  • Valuable data helps to better understand your customer to shape and transform the way we communicate with and market to them.

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Unlocking the Power of MarTech to Generate Incremental Billions: May Petry, Vice President, Digital Marketing – HP Enterprise (US)


May discussed how Hewlett Packard Enterprise is investing in marketing technologies to create demand for its product and services to create an end-to-end journey and utilising web as the must-win platform. The key thing highlighted in the talk, was that technology is a means to an end, not a destination, and to continue to focus on the Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) with MarTech supporting that.


  • Don’t get distracted – optimise what you have for speed, scale and sales. That includes going back to the basics and focusing on your website.
  • Create dynamic and personalised experiences for your customers, focusing on the marketing goal with technology to support and help create demand.

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Marketing Automation in a Non-Automated World: Tracy Brown, Head of Experience Design Strategy and Shaun Rowland, Insights and Personalisation Lead – DT


Tracy and Shaun reminded us within the marketing industry that technology is simply an enabler of strategy, and to not let data disconnect us from the customer. People make decisions based on emotion, and we need to tap into that side of the brain. We need to think “what would a human do?” and learn to measure people not impressions.


  • Balance your marketing tech thinking in favour of human thinking.
  • Use data wisely, and don’t segment based on unconscious bias.

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Too Sexy to Fail: Why Most Marketing Automation Implementations Fail (And How to Prevent Yours from Failing): Rob Brown, Head of Digital – Navitas


Rob provided deep insights into reasons why most companies fail at implementing marketing automation, such as, having no strategy, having insufficient buy-in from different stakeholders within the business, lack of time and imagination, using the wrong agency, and no internal capacity. However, getting it right is something that is achievable if the right research and planning is made, help is sought out with creating a strategy and building a solution, and if you think about your customer’s story.


  • Stop thinking about “email blasts” and ensure you have a succinct strategy that considers the customer.
  • Think automation first, and jump in with the first campaign to get your company up and running.
  • Use the marketing automation tool to the best of its ability and use your imagination to create ground breaking campaigns. 

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100 Proof Technology: Jason Loehr, VP Director of Global Media & Insights – Brown-Forman (Jack Daniel’s)


Jason shared with us the Jack Daniel’s experience with leveraging different and available technologies to communicate stories to their consumers, including social with Facebook for reach, Twitter for live updates, and Instagram for branding. They utilise content creation, curation, and crowdsourcing to market to different personality archetypes.


  • Take stories that your brand or company already has, and tap into new technology and media to share these stories.
  • Rather than using data to drive communications, start with a great question, and then find the data source to answer your question.
  • Recognise the diversity in your consumers to talk to them differently, but understand the key thing in common among them is the brand.

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The thought sharing at the Marketing Tech Symposium really helped to reaffirm our business goals at Datarati, and that is to help other marketers navigate their way in this ever-growing and changing industry. I feel more motivated to help others achieve success using MarTech, and to help share our knowledge and expertise in the space.

I’d like to thank Ashton Media for such an incredible event, and for bringing all the industry professionals together for a great experience. Thank you to all the wonderful, intelligent and inspiring people who I had the pleasure to network with. Each and every person I met had a unique story and view on the industry, their own knowledge to part, and their own challenges. I look forward to attending the event again next year!